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The Progenitors: HAWES



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John HAWES and Elizabeth GALE/GOLD

John HAWES was born 1532 in St. Lawerence, Essex, England. He married Elizabeth GALE/GOLD. The heirs listed in his will gives a few clues to the OLMSTEAD genealogy and lists a sister and brother-in-law.

The will John HAWES, the elder, of St. Lawerence, in the county of Essex, yoeman, dated August 7, 1613 , proved Octeber 12 1613. Son, John and Elizabeth, his daughter; kinsman John ANTHONY; Charles ANTHONY the younger, a sister's son; Martha ANTHONY, youngest daughter of said sister; Frances ANTHONY eldest daughter of sister Alice ANTHONY; John OLMSTED, son of Richard OLMSTED and daughter Elizabeth; Israel OLMSTED their second son; Jedediah OLMSTED their third son; Elizabeth OLMSTED their daughter; daughter Elizabeth, wife of Richard OLMSTED, clerk; wife Elizabeth HAWES

If I decipher this correctly it would be John HAWES and his wife Elizabeth, their 2 children John and Elizabeth. Then it appears John ANTHONY would be his brother-in-law, married to his sister Alice, and their 3 children (maybe) Charles, Martha, and Frances. Next it would be the first 4 children of his daughter Elizabeth, and Richard OLMSTED, John, Israel, Jedediah, and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth HAWES and Richard Job OLMSTED