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To truly understand your genealogy you must consider, some pretty ancient origins. Everything in the universe is made from material left over from the big bang. Only hydrogen and helium existed before the first stars created and dispersed the heavier elements.

Everything is made from this 13.6 billion year old material, including us. So now scientist think Amino acids, microbes, and other complex carbon atoms are passengers on asteroids and comets, refered to as meteorites if the strike the earth. The meteorites therefore delivered the building blocks of life as well as water to this planet. Some believe nickel and coal were delivered by exterterrestrial means also. Others believe that diamonds are formed along ancient tunnels pounded completely through the earths crust by meteorites, that allowed diamond laden kimberlite to surface quick enough that the diamonds didn't revert to graphite.

What about this right handed/left handed molecule disparity? They furthermore think the rate of evolution of new species correlates to the rate of impacts from meteorites. WOW. Below is the chart of some of the events that have taken place to make it possible that I can exist. You know, that extensive breeding program that culminates in ME.

The dates in this table are sort of averages. You can find many different opinions about these events. I personally believe the DNA scientists will end up refining there time frame to correspond to a quicker mutational rate. Just a hunch. I think there is too much diversity in the time frame they use.

There are continuity difficulties on this chart, because of the various differing opinions. Use it only as a rough guideline.
Years before Present Event
16 - 13.7 billion
Big Bang Theory, begining of Universe
13 billion
Formation of huge, fast burning stars. They manufacture all elements up to iron, in their normal process. When they collapse and explode, even heavier elements are formed and spread through out the early universe. All future construction will be from the seeds of these first stars. We are made from this material, as is everything in the entire universe.
4.7 billion
Formation of Milky Way Galxay and our Solar System
4 - 3 billion
Formation of amino acids, bacteria, finally algae. This is the start of DNA
1.5 billion
Eukaryotes that became mitochondrial DNA first imported into cells, started as symbiotic relationship
700 million
"Snowball Earth" Ice Age, kills most life virtually encases the entire planet in ice.
65 million
Meteorite impact changes atmosphere, kills dinosaurs
2.4 million
Homo habilis, uses crude stone tools.
2 to 1.8 million
Homo erectus.
1.7 million
Series of climate changes that inevitably lead to ice ages. These ice ages create hardships for early man, that increases his thinking ability. Some Homo erectus leave Africa.
1.5 million
Acheulian tool making, this culture is spread from Africa to Southern Europe and South East Asia. There are 800,000 year old hand axes, of this classification, in China. Also use of fire in Kenya.
1 million
Early man may have used simple language.
Homo erectus' brain case has grown 25% during his tenure. He starts to use fire, and has spread from Africa to Europe, Asia and China.
Homo sapiens archaic appear.
250,000 - 28,000
Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis appears. DNA shows some have red hair, green eyes, and pale skin. They also have the genes that allow us to enunciate? They shared locales with modern humans for thousands of years. Neanderthal survived for 200,000 years while modern humans have only been around for 100,000 years so far.
190,000 - 130,000
Possible drought in Africa that may have caused a bottleneck of humanity.
90,000 - 50,000
Homo sapiens appear, in the area of the Great African Rift. This southwestern area of Africa is full of fossil remains.
Mount Toba in Sumatra erupts, climatic change leads to 1,000 years of possibly the coldest ice age, average temprature was 9°C lower than modern times. Another possible bottleneck, roughly 15,000 humans survived, mostly in equatorial Africa.
10,000 Homo sapiens live in southern Africa.
Enviromental changes cause early humans leave Africa. They migrate up the coast eventually arriving in India and Austrailia. The first recognizable abstract thinking appears. Tools with discernable functions, art, organization, jewelry, and burial are the examples sited. My question is- how did this spread across the entire globe in just a few thousand years. People had spread from Africa to Austrialia and from Spain to Japan. Did these early people communicate and travel back and forth enough to spread this new Human intelligence? Or did it appear universally in multiple areas?
Cro-Magnon man appears. 50,000 year line also attributed to Cro-Magnon man.
A second migration from Africa. These people go to Asia, there they split and one branch goes to East Asia and another goes toward Europe.
Aurignacian Culture in Europe, thought to be Haplogroup R.
Neanderthals close to extinction.
28,000 23,000
Gravettian Culture thought to be Haplogroup I. They made Venus figurines, and mammoth bone structures. Possibly displaced, or assimilated, some Haplogroup R peoples from the Aurignacion Culture, see above.
The last Ice Age was just starting. It will continue for about 6,000 years.
Humans are in Greece.
Humans have crossed the Bering Straits into America.
Ahrensburg Culture, northern Germany. Mesolithic Hunter/Gatherer groups. 6-8 people lived in Segebro, near Malmo, the Southern tip of Sweden.
Radiocarbon dating of early South American habitation sites.
Maglemosian in Sweden and Fosna-Hensbaka in Norway. Mesolithic fisheries
Kongemose in Southern Scandinavian Territory, Nostvet and Liholt in North. England and Europe are still connected by a land bridge. Rising sea levels will cover the bridge in the next few generations.
Northern Africa dries out. Saraha desert starts to form.
Ertebolle Culture
Funnel/Beaker people, pushed north into Sweden and Uppland
Nostvet-Liholt become Pitted Ware people. Agriculture, Livestock
3000BC, or 5000BP
Battle Axe Culture, thought to be the first Germanic Peoples.

Norte Chico civilization starts in South America. The main site is 200 acres, with 18 outlying site some as large as 60 acres. Also known as Caral-Supe it is located in coastal Peru. Before it collapse in 1800BC, the Norte Chico civilization's influence exceeded 700 square miles

1800BC - 500BC
Bronze age in Norway
500BC - 400AD
Early or Roman Iron Age
98AD - 555AD
Sami or Finns reside in the area that is now Northern Sweden and Finland, domesticated Reindeer c 500AD. Sami are 40% haplo I
550AD - 800AD
Vendels in Southern Sweden
Vikings destroy Monastery at Whitbey, England.
Lindesfarne Monastery sacked.
Norwegian Independance from Sweden

I have uploaded my "complete" GedCom at both of these sites. gencircles.com and rootsweb.com.

Toni Norman's web page has a few ancestors in common with my mothers family.

You can visit Joseph Erner's, *RNER Genealogy web page also.

It appears that Gordon, Harris and maybe Olmsted were exported to Hampshire county England prior to the 1066 invasion to place William, Duke of Normandy on the English throne. Some researchers think these early arrivals were the "lesser sons of Norman nobles". I suppose if you were somewhere down the line a bit on the inheritance thing, you might talk a few of your associates into going to England for the "easy pickings", and get some land for yourself.

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