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Walter ZINGK and Unknown

Born 1246

Walter ZINGK II and Unknown Von WAIBLINGEN

Born 1275

Walter ZINGK III and Christina Von WAIBLINGEN

Born 1310


Born 1340

Konrad ZINGK

Born 1370

Rudolf ZINGG

Born 1404

Conrad ZINGK

Born 1440

Conrad ZINGK and Katherina

Born 1464

Rudolf ZINGK and Katherina

Born 1470

Johannes Gebhart and Anna

Born 1495

Jacob Gebhart and Anna

Born 1523

Conrad Gebhart and Anna NAGELI

Born 1547

Jacob Gebhart and Maria GRENZINGER

Born February 11, 1579/80

Jacob Gebhart and Magdalena LIENHARDT

Born September 06, 1601

Hans Conrad Gebhart and Katherine STRUB

Born October 24, 1630

Hans Heinrich Gebhart and Barbara GRUNAUER

born January 15, 1655/56

Heinrich Gebhart and Maria Catherina ANDREAS

Nicholas Kephart and Mary FREY

Johan George Kephart and Elizabeth FRETZ

George Kephart and Mary Elizabeth SMITH

Adam KEPHART and Maria Magdalena FUCHS

Daniel Kephart and Sarah KEPHART

Sarah Kephart and Daniel KEPHART

David J Kephart and Harriet Melissa WATENPAUGH

David Kephart and Harriet Watenpaugh.
David is buried in Lot 6 of the Union Cemetary located at 2261 Wicker Road, in Sedro Wooley Washington. His grave has no marker and is on the north (left in the photo) side of his wife's. Harriet Watenpaugh's stone simply reads MOTHER.

Isaac Daniel Kephart and Amy Viola WATTS

Isaac Kephart, Viola Watts and family.

Vesta Leona Kephart and Bert Meyers NELSON