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The Progenitors: OSBORN/OSBORNE



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There are Osbornes connected to Jabez Olmstead, born abt 1690, through Martha Wrignt. They are not directly related however. There are also Osborns connected to Israel Olmsted’s wife Elizabeth Cooley. Lastly the Osborn line that is in Ohio.
As I write this page it doesn't look like there will be a connection between these 3 OSBORN families on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Martha WRIGHT's mother was Sarah OSBORNE born February 3 1656/57 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. Her grandfather would have been John OSBORNE, 1621 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England.
The COOLEY connection looks like this so far.

Jacob OSBORN and Abigail

Another researcher shows Jacob as dying in England. Same date, July 26 1755, rather than Greenwich, Hampshire, Mass.

Elizabeth OSBORN and Gideon COOLEY

born about 1753

I received a couple of very nice compilations of OSBORN genealogy from some Family Historians in Ohio. What follows from Richard born 1485 to Abraham/Abram born 1763 is from a pair of them. The information about Jerusha Osborn/Springer is from the other researchers. They have both asked anonymity, one stated she was getting too old and couldn't keep up with the work any longer, the others stated they had sent all the info they had so I knew as much as them(? which I surely doubt).

Richard OSBORNE and Elizabeth FLYDANE

Born about 1485, in England.


Born about 1515, in England. He died August 11 1581 in Ashforde, Kent, England.

Thomas OSBORNE and Wilmeth

Born about 1543 in, Ashforde, Kent, England. He and Wilmeth had 3 children;
1, Jeremy, born February 4 1571;
2, Edward born about 1565; and
3, John.
He died October 11 1611 in London, England.

Jeremy OSBORNE and Jhoane WYBORNE

Born February 4 1571, in England. Jeremy married Constance first then Joanne WYBORNE. Jeremy and Joane had the following children;
1, Thomas born about 1594;
2, Joseph born about 1592; 3, Wilmina born about 1593; 4, Richard born about 1598; 5, Isaac born about 1604. 2 of Jeremy's son migrated to America, Thomas and Richard.
He died February 4 1621 in Ashforde, Kent, England.


Born about 1594 in Maidstone, Ashford, Kent, England. Thomas immigrated to America on June 26 1637, onboard the ship Hector. Thomas and Mary had the following children, of whom the first 5 were born in England;
1, Thomas born November 6 1622;
2, Jeremiah born about 1625;
3, Richard born about 1627;
4, John born about 1631;
5, Stephen born about 1634;
6, Joseph born about 1636;
7, Rebecca born about 1642;
8, Increase born about 1643; and
9, Benjamin born December 4 1645.
He died about 1685 in New Amsterdam Colony, Maidstone (East Hampton) Suffolk county, Long Island, New York. He is buried at New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.

Jeremiah OSBORNE and Mary DAVIS

Born about Born about 1625 in Ashford, Kent, England. Jeremiah married Mary DAVIS in 1651, in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. They had the following children;
1 Jeremiah born May 3 1652;
2, Mary born March 29 1653;
3, Elizabeth born January 7 1654;
4, Jeremiah born November 28 1656;
5, Joanna born December 8 1658;
6, Thomas born October 6 1660;
7, Anna born April 6 1663;
8, Elizabeth born December 9 1665;
9, Joseph born December 15 1667;
10, Rebecca born July 11 1763. He died April 26 1676 in Mattatuck Plantation, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.


Born about

Joseph OSBORNE and Experience TOLLES

Born about

Daniel OSBORNE and Obedience SMITH

Born October 18 1715

Abraham/Abram OSBORNE and Eunice JOHNSON

Born September 5 1737. AT THIS POINT in time I need a bit more verificaion here.

Abraham/Abram OSBORNE and Elizabeth

Born August 25 1763. Perhaps this is the Abraham, along with 3 brothers Peter, Moses, and Ezra that joined the Salem Society, of St. Michaels Church, Naugatuck, Connecticut. Abraham later left the society when he moved to Ohio. Faught in the War of 1812. On 25 Mar 1815, Abraham was listed on his fathers estate.
I have received a book that has a litle bit of information concerning Abraham, and his daughter Jerusha. It is a compilation of letters from various descendants. One of the authors states she was married in 1894. She could have personally known Jerusha and some of her brothers and sisters. The front of this book gives these names, Blanch Upton Springer, Ola Mastin, and Don Springer of Genesee Idaho. A Dale Kellogg of Lorain OH was employed to search on this info.

A letter to Cousin Blanch from ?? lists this family.

 Grandma Jerusha Springer’s brothers and sisters 
James      b April 30th  1786 
Charry     b April 20th  1788 
Charry     b Feb. 13th   1790 
Lydia      b Dec. 20th   1792 
Agnes      b Oct 21st    1794 
Isaac      b June 5th    1798 
Elias      b March 25th  1800 
Rufus      b May 20th    1802 
Jerusha    b June 22nd   1804 
Sarah Ann  b Oct.        1808 
Arad       b Sep 5th     1811 
Abraham Osborn   died    1829 
Charry     died July 7th 1863 
Jerusha    died Jan 1st  1894 
Another letter from Ola Maston has this list.
Great gr grandfather 
Abraham Osborn died 1829 
Charry Osborn Buckingham his sister 
born April 20 1788 died July 7 1863. 
Abraham Osborn and Cherry Osborn 
James                April 30 - 1786 
Charry               April 20 - 1788 
Lydia                Dec 20   - 1792 
Agnes                Oct 21   - 1794 
Isaac                June 5   - 1798 
Elias                March 25 - 1800 
Rufus                May 20   - 1802 
Jerusha              June 22  - 1804 
Sarah Ann            Oct        1808 
               Osmond 1st 
               Stanley 2nd 
Arad                 Sept 5   - 1811 
We were married Nov 27th 1894
Is the last line in the letter. A clue as to who wrote it.

Another note states Abraham Osborn is supposed to have received a grant of land in the Ohio “Firelands”. This tract of land was set aside as recompense for Connecticut citizens who sustained loses during the Revolutionary War. The Firelands Museum was contacted and replied that Abraham Osborn’s name does not appear on their index.

The Revolutionary War info is not positive, but rather speculative. The booklet states there are Abraham Osborns from NY, NJ, and CT, all listed as pensioners.

Another chart says a Charry was born Feb 13 1730. Also states that a Charry lived in Chicago and had owned land in what later became city. She was supposed to be somewhat wealthy. As stated above her name was Charry Buckingham.

Same chart shows Fox as husband for Sarah Ann, and death in Lorain county OH, 1893.

The letters list this man's family, and also state he died in 1829. However I have received an e-mail about an Abraham Osborn who died in 1830 at Portage county, Ohio. They also list 3 of his children, Lydia, Arad & Elias. They show Abraham as being born 25 Aug 1763, at Waterbury, New Haven, CT, rather than Hartford, (which I believe was taken from Revolutionary War pension papers). They show him as a War of 1812 veteren. He also moved to Ohio in 1812.

His father would be Abram or Abraham Osborn, Born: 5 Sep 1737 at New Haven, New Haven, CT. His mother would be Eunice Johnson.

Jerusha Osborn listed below migrated to Ohio, after marrying John Springer. These Osborn and Springer families lived in Portage, Oberlin, counties of Ohio.

Jerusha OSBORN and John SPRINGER

Transcript of a letter from Ola Mastin.

Great Grandmother died Dec 22 1894, Jerusha Osborn born June 22 1804, New York City, 
just a village. Met John Springer, a sailor, at wharf New York City. Married him 1818/9.
Moved to Bedford Ohio after four children were born in New York City. Came by covered
wagon + oxen, Then to Cleveland Ohio, then to Oberlin Ohio- Told to me many times. Ola M.
Family Mary Ann Springer born 1820 1st Osmond 2nd Stanley Julia 1st Bachelor 2nd Brainard Nancy Elizabeth Springer born june 21 1841 Jewitt died Mar 21 1914 Irene born 8-4-1843 McCollum Died 5-14-1929 Betsy 1st Davis 2nd Preston Lois Will Chester Cornelius
Another letter to Cousin Blanch from ?? lists this family.
The children of John and Jerusha Springer 
Mary Ann Stanley Osmond or Osborn – Osmond is scratched out 
Nancy Hill 
Julia Brainard had 2 husbands 
Elizabeth Jewitt 
Irene McCollum 
Betsy Davis had 2 husbands 

I do not know the rest. Grandma was married at 15 and had 15 children. 2 boys were 
in the Army that is how Grandma got a pension some died in infancy.

A partial transcript of another letter.

John + Jerusha Osborn Springer were married in New York City, date unknown, where there
first four children were born. Emmigrated by covered wagon and oxen over the Alleghany
Mountains to Bedford, Ohio, then to Cleveland, and then to Oberlin, Ohio.
This was about the time of the Connecticut Land Grant to the Western Reserve.
This was homesteading but am unable to get the date. Jerusha Springer is buried in the
Elmwood Cemetery at Lorain Ohio. Think you have the date. Lorain has a population
of about 25 or 30 thousand.

John + Jerusha Springer had several sons in the service,
two were killed, but Isaac Springer was never in the service. He passed away
at the age of 38 with a heart attack and with a family of nine children, he could
not have put time in the Army........Some time or other the family moved to
Michigan, to a town called Forest Bay, along lake Ontario. As Pearl was only nine when
his parents passed away I dont think he remembered to much about that trip only
the forest fire in 1881. (the town was entirely destroyed + never rebuilt).They
lost their home, also all their belongings, escaped with their lives by going to the
lake. He told of their cow which escaped the fire but was so badly burned from
climbing over burning logs she had to be killed. I believe Pearl said a cousin of
Isaacs gave them an old horse and wagon, and the family moved back to Ohio, either
Cloverdale or Huntsville.

The Will of Jerusha Osborn Springer, dated 21 November 1892, lists these heirs.

Mary Ann Ozman, 
Nancy Hill, 
Betsy M. Prestage, 
Julia M. Brainard, 
Eunice Jewitt, 
Irene McCollum, 
heirs of her deceased son  John C Springer 
heirs of her deceased son Isaac Springer 

Each heir or group of heirs received 1/8th of her possessions. Jerusha’s death certificate from Lorain gives New Jesrey as her birth place….However census for 1850-1880 show Connecticut as birth place.

Another letter states Jerusha is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery at Lorain.