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Much of the following information came from this book. Seven Hundred Ancestors, written by, Lewis Keeler Leaonard

The Chase Family is said to be of Norman origin - the name being derived from the French word "chasseur" (to hunt). As early as 1326 families of Chase resided in Suffolk, England.

The family which came to America was from Hundrich Parish of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, some thirty miles northwest from London. This is indicated in the records of the Herald's Visitation 1634, Buckinghamshire.

It is thought that Thomas and Aquila Chase having a knowledge of navigation, were in the employ of their uncle, Thomas Chase, who was part owner of the "John and Francis"' which was named in a letter of Marque in 1626.

The Chase name is so rare in England, it is assumed the flower of the family emigrated to America. They were by nature enterprising and high minded people. Released from the trammels of aristocracy and conservatism of the old country, on entering into the breath and freedom of new circumstances, they at once took the front rank in the new world.

Thomas Chase of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England was born about 1400 and was descended from an ancient family there. We have a record of one son. He was named John and he had a son Mathew born about 1486. He was also of Chesham.

Thomas CHASE and Elizabeth

Born about 1391/1400

John CHASE and Alice HARDING

Mathew CHASE and Elizabeth BOULD

Born about 1486

Mathew married Elizabeth Bould, daughter of Richard Bould of Chesham. She was born about 14 88. The children of Mathew and Elizabeth Bould Chase, all born in Chesham, were: 1. Richard, b. about 1512; m. Mary Roberts. 2. Francis, b. about 1514. 3. John, b. about 1516. 4. Mathew, b. about 1518. 5. Thomas, b. April 22, 1520. 6. Ralph, b. about 1522. 7. William, b. about 1524. 8. Bridget, b. about 15 26.

Thomas CHASE and Elizabeth BOWCHIEW

Thomas Chase, b. April 22, 1520, married Elizabeth Bowchiew in 1539. She was born about 1518. They were both buried in Chesham, he on June 29, 1586 and she on Oct.2, 1569. Their children were: 1. John, bapt. Nov.30, 1540 at Hundridge; burial Apr.22, 1599, m. Joan ( ). 2. Richard, b. July 26, 1542 at Hun dridge; burial Jan.31, 1611, m. Joan Bishop, Apr.16, 1564. 3. Elizabeth, bap t. May 23, 1547/8 at Hundridge; burial June 25, 1579, m. Stephen Grover, Nov.1 2, 1571. 4. Agnes, bapt. Mar.9, 1551 at Hundridge; m. Thomas Welch, Nov.12, 1 571. 5. William, b. about 1553 at Hundridge; m. Isbell Sam Jan. 13, 1573. 6. Christian, b. about 1555 at Hundridge; m. Henry Atkins June 8, 1576. 7. Thomas, b. about 1545 at Chesham; buried Aug.3, 1569.

Richard CHASE and Joan BISHOP

Richard Chase of Chesham, bo rn July 26, 1542, was married to Joan Amie Bishop April 16, 1564. She was born at Hundridge, Buckshire, England about 1543 and was buried May 4, 1597. He was

buried January 31, 1611. Their children were:

1. Robert, bapt. Sept.2, 1565 Hundridge; m. Jean Tokefield, buried July 8, 1601. 2. Henry, bapt. August 10 , 1567. 3. Lydia, bapt. October 4, 1573. 4. Ezekiel, bapt. April 2, 1576. 5. Dorcas, bapt. March 2, 1578. 6. Aquila, bapt. August 14, 1580. 7. Jason, bap t. January 13, 1583. 8. Thomas, bapt. July 18, 1585. 9. Abigail, bapt. Januar y 12, 1588. 10.Mordecai, b. July 31, 1591.

Aquila CHASE and Martha Sarah JELLISON

Born August 07, 1580, in Hundridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

Aquila, son of Richard and Joan Amie Bishop Chase, was baptized at Hundrich Parish, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England. On June 22 , 1606 he was married to Martha Sarah, daughter of John and Margerie Jelliman. She was born about 1582 at Hundrich, Chesham and was buried in St. Nicholas Cole Abby, Chesham on Aug.15, 1643. Aquila Chase was buried Feb.9, 1643. The children of Aquila and Martha Sarah Jelliman Chase were: 1. William, b. about 1607; d. May 4, 1659, m. Mary Townley. 2. Anne, bapt.Feb.26, 1607 London; buri ed July 19, 1609. 3. Martha, b. about 1610 London; buried Mar.11, 1610/14. 4. Sara, b. Feb.9, 1611; d. May 2, 1624. 5. Thomas, b. 1615; d. 1652, m. 1642, E lizabeth Phil brick. 6. Elizabeth, bapt. May 14,

Died February 09, 1642/43 Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England

Aquila CHASE and Ann WHEELER

Aquila Chase was known to be in Hampton, New Hampshire, in 1640; was listed as a mariner from Cornwall, England. History of Sutton, Massachusetts., pg. 624

Grandson of Richard Chase and Ann or Joan Bishop of England

Came to America before 1636, and he and his brother Thomas were original settlers of Hampton, New Hampshire. He received a grant of land in 1640, and then about 1646 he moved to Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts. He was a sailer between Newbury and Boston.

From book called "Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony" by George Francis Dow, p.207,

"A curious instance of sabbath breaking occured at Hampton in 1646. Aquila Chase and his wife and David Wheeler were presented at Ipswich Court for gathering peas on the Sabbath. They were admonished. The family tradition has it that Aquila returned from sea that morning and his wife, wishing to supply a delicacy for dinner, fell into grave error in thus pandering to his unsanctified appetite."

"Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700", Frank R. Holmes, Genealogical Publishing County.

Chase, Aquilla, mariner, son of Richard of the parish of Hundrich, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England, of fourth generation of thomas, b. 1618, settled at Hampton, N.H., 1640; removed to Newbury, Massachusetts,1646.

John CHASE and Lydia CHALLIS

Mary CHASE and Joseph SAFFORD